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Cutting Edge Predictive Energy Analytics 

NRG-Pro provides unique predictive analytics solutions for the rising challenges in the Energy Industry. Our solutions enable all parties participating in the Energy supply chain to analyze the massive amount of sub-hourly data collected from millions of smart meters, together with substantial data of weather and prices, in order to maximize the efficiency of Energy operations and control.


Our solutions are based on distinctive Machine Learning Big-Data models, guaranteeing real time, accurate and reliable energy load forecasts. The NRG-Pro engine enables to model and monitor each meter separately, learn its underlying correlations, automatically fit its appropriate model...


The NRG-Pro predictive analytics are presented by advanced visual tools, enabling Managers to self-explore, gain insights and comprehend the data, run simulations and impact analysis, view correlations, create 'what if' scenarios and more, without requiring any technical or statistical background.



While most forecasting solutions require extensive services of data mining experts for implementation and support, NRG-Pro provides a fully automated software that is easy to implement, and does not require ongoing support of analysts. Our unique self-learning engine enables to operate the solution in a plug-and-play manner.

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