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The NRG-Pro prediction analytics are presented by advanced visual tools, enabling Managers to self-explore, gain insights and comprehend the data, model, predictions and anomalies, run simulations and impact analysis, view correlations, create 'what if' scenarios and more, without requiring any technical or statistical background. 

According to a recent McKinsey and Harvard Business Review Article titled: "Making Advanced Analytics Work for You", Company leaders need to transform their organizations so that frontline managers are comfortable using Big-Data analytical tools. They suggest this should be done by implementing decision support tools which frontline users understand and have confidence in. They state that: "The moment you make it simple, understandable, then people start using it and you get better decisions". We, at NRG-Pro, believe in these notions. Providing a comprehensible predictive analytics tool is one of our mission statements. We do not believe in forecasting models which are considered a “black box” and are only understood by data mining experts.

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