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While most forecasting solutions require extensive services of data mining experts for the designing, implementation and support, NRG-Pro provides a fully automated solution that is easy to implement, and does not require on-going support of analysts. The NRG-Pro distinctive self-learning engine enables to operate the products in a plug-and-play manner. The NRG-Pro monitoring engine uses an exclusive anomaly detection algorithm, in order to detect early warnings of irregularities and changes in the meters' patterns. Whenever such a deviation is detected, the NRG-Pro solution automatically identifies the cause for irregularities. Anomalies are classified by signature into early warnings of meter tampering or bypass,  early warnings of meter defects, or deviations due to changes in customer behavior. Whenever deviations due to changes in customer behavior are detected, the NRG-Pro engine automatically remodels the meter, and a full self-learning automated mechanism is achieved, requiring minimum human interaction and guaranteeing low TCO.

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