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The NRG-Pro solutions are based on distinctive Machine Learning Big-Data models, guaranteeing real time accurate and reliable energy forecasting, in a fully automated, plug-and-play manner. The data and predictions are presented with advanced visual tools, enabling managers to self-explore, gain insights and comprehend the data, model, predictions and anomalies, run simulations and impact analysis, view correlations, create 'what if' scenarios and more, without requiring any technical or statistical background.  The NRG-Pro solution also includes a monitoring module, which monitors each meter separately, and uses distinctive anomaly detection algorithms in order to detect early warnings of irregularities.

The NRG-Pro portfolio consists of products for short, intermediate and long term load research and forecasting, electricity price forecasting,  revenue protection,  meter operational monitoring for the detection of tampering, bypass or meter malfunctioning, as well as visual big-data exploration, impact analysis and simulation tools.

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